How to: Swagbucks

What is Swagbucks?
Swagbucks are virtual/digital currency.  Performing searches through Swagbucks will randomly award Swagbucks.  I use this in place of Google, although I do use both.  
What can I do with Swagbucks?
My preference is to redeem my Swagbucks for Amazon gift card codes.  This takes 450 Swagbucks, which sounds daunting, but is is reachable just buy following these directions.  There are many gift cards available and merchandise.  I have found the Amazon gift card to be the most economical, and I can use them to purchase anything I want.
Like “Swagcodez” on Facebook, they are really good about posting Swag Codes, (which you aren’t suppose to do).

How do I get started with Swagbucks? 

1. First you have to Enroll in Swagbucks.

2. Simply search from the Swagbucks homepage ( Swagbucks are awarded at random.

  1. Try spelling something incorrectly, then click on the “did you mean XXXXX?”
  2. Search for images
  3. On any search, go to the bottom of the page and click the next button.
  4. Don’t search repeatedly, as in one after the other–you won’t have success. It will just make you mad!

These won’t work every time, but it will give you a little variety in your searches.

3. On this blog (at the bottom) you will find the following widget.

When the urge strikes them, to a clue will appear for the next Swag Code. You never know when this will happen.

Click the blog button on the swidget, or from the Swagbucks home page, click the link to the Blog (Swagbucks Blog).

When you have found the Swag Code, copy it. Go back to Swagbucks home page and paste the number. Sometimes the copy/paste does not work, so you must type it exactly (it is case sensative).

Items to perform everyday

Vote in the Daily Polls everyday. This will net you at least one Swagbuck per day. You can find the Daily Polls on the Swagbucks homepage, in the Quick Links, on the left side, under Ways to Earn. Or, using the navigation bar across the top of the Swagbucks homepage, select Ways to Earn and then select Daily Polls. I like the calendar that tells you when you have participated. It serves as a visual reminder that you missed Swagbucks!

Download the Toolbar

I have had NO problems with this toolbar at all. Everyday when you log in to the toolbar, you will earn Swagbucks just for having the toolbar.
  • Since I’m a visual person, it reminds me to perform searches throughout the day to earn Swagbucks.
  • The toolbar also is another way to find Swag Codes.

Using the Toolbar to find Swag Codes

Located on the toolbar is a white envelop with red background that says “from TSG (0).”

  • Sometimes when there is a swag code, you will find hints to the code here. The (0) will change to a (1).
  • Click the down arrow beside of it to read the clue.
  • I like to empty this when I’m finished with it.
  • Another visual reminder!
NOSO (aka: No Obligation Special Offers)

  • From the Swagbucks home page, select Ways to EarnSpecial Offers
  • On the right side of this Special Offers page, click the red “Go Now” box
  • For the pages that pop up, click “skip” or “See next offer” DO NOT DO THE OFFERS!
  • After about 8 pages, you will be awarded Swagbucks–SIMPLE
Special Offers to Watch For

From the Swagbucks home page, look in the middle of the screen for the Special Offers yellow banner like the top picture here.  When you mouse over, the yellow ribbon will compress showing the offers.

  • Look here often for videos.  
  • These are usually worth 2 – 5 Swagbucks.  
  • Simply watch the videos.  
  • However, some do require you to click to access a site prior to receiving the swagbucks.


From the Special Offers page, scroll to the bottom–Look for Wall 1, Wall 2, Wall 3.  There are OODLES of free offers such as view videos to earn Swagbucks.

My warning for Special Offers:

You can introduce a virus to your computer, be careful.

Earning Swagbucks by completing Special Offers can be daunting.
  1. My recommendations before starting.
  2. Set up a free e-mail account to use for Special Offers. Some offers require an e-mail confirmation. You will get slammed with SPAM!
  3. Do not attempt ANY offers asking you to download something. More than likely this will result in unwanted virus or trojan on your computer.
  4. Do not attempt ANY offers asking for personal information other than name and address. I even make up the phone number!

Example of Swagbucks Ledger to check awarded Swagbucks:

Need help?  Drop me an email.

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